VNF Packaging Model/Blueprint

VNF product model/blueprint provides a declarative way to define deployment, operational and functional attributes of a VNF product. The VNF product is defined in terms of deployment time requirements and dependencies and exposed telemetry indicator definitions.

The deployment time requirements and dependencies define any and all compute infrastructure needs of the VNF product, such as specific hardware architecture, on-chip features, instruction set availability and hypervisor capabilities.

The telemetry indicator definitions define a set of default indicators exposed by a given VNF product for use by monitoring and assurance tools. This list can be extended and customized once a given VNF product is on-boarded and instantiated at run-time.

The VNF product model is specified using the TOSCA NFV simple profile. It is persisted, along with the product executables and data, using TOSCA CSAR files.