VNF SDK Marketplace

VNF SDK provides a reference implementation “marketplace” to help vendors validate and manage VNF packages. It also supports the operator to onboard VNF into ONAP.The API documentation using swagger can be found at http://hostIP:8702/apidocs or json yaml


  1. VNF Repository is a reference repository for VNFs.

    1. It provides functionalities such as:
      1. Upload/Re-upload VNF

      2. Download VNF

      3. Query VNF based on several parameters

      4. Delete VNF

    2. It also provides an intuitive Graphical user interface to perform above activities.

  2. Along with these, VNF SDK also provides hooks to call other tools or libraries including Validation and Function Tests.

    a. Validation verifies the package structure, mandatory files and their format. Currently, the tool performs basic validation to support SDC. In a future release, it will also ensure integrity and authenticity of the package as described by VNF Requirements.

    b. Function Test provides Robot framework test cases present in each VNF. Function test executes those test cases and send the test response back to the marketplace. While the framework is in place, actual test development is deferred for a future release.

  3. VNF SDK Integration with SDC

    a. In Amsterdam release, the SDC-UI is being integrated with the VNF Repository backend. It provides seamless download, search, view of the VNF present in VNF repository. The user can onboard these validated VNF into the SDC catalog.

VNF SDK Marketplace Installation Instructions

1. Download vnfsdk/refrepo from Gerrit

git clone

2. Goto vnfmarket-be/deployment/install,

Delete old docker images of refrepo (if any).
Enter command "source .env" to set up few environment variables.
Enter command "docker-compose up -d"

This will start two Docker containers:

  1. VNF Repository

  2. PostgreSQL database.

Once started, access the Marketplace from your web browser.

  1. Connect to http://{host}:8702/onapui/vnfmarket to access the user interface


VNF SDK tools provide VNF product DevOps engineers with command line tools and client side API language bindings to define the VNF product model and package content. The following tools are included…

  • VNF Package Builder - creates a CSAR file based on inputs provided by the VNF product DevOps engineer

  • VNF Package Validator - validates the content of the VNF packages to ensure that everything has been built correctly

  • VNF Package Extractor - extracts VNF product model and executables from the CSAR file

  • VNF Package Parser - translates VNF product blueprint into a format consumable by ONAP components

  • VNF Package Dry Run - performs a “dry run” install to ensure that the package can be deployed during instantiation