Dovetail Integration

User Stories

  1. An ONAP User wants to ensure that VNFs which appear in the VNF Marketplace can be on-boarded with the Service Design & Creation tool without errors.

  2. An ONAP User would like to be able to run VNF Certification tests on demand using a common user interface independent of the test being run.

  3. An ONAP Certification Authority wants a central repository in which to examine the results of tests run by ONAP Users

  4. An ONAP Certification Authority wants to be able to determine that VNF certification tests run by ONAP Users were executed properly.

  5. An ONAP VNF Test Developer wants a consistent environment in which to develop tests.

OPNFV Dovetail Description

The Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) is a collaborative project under the Linux Foundation that is transforming global networks through open source Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). OPNFV focuses on developing test suites for Open Source implementations of the NFV infrastructure components such as those specified in the ETSI NFV ISG MANO architecture. Areas of focus in OPNFV include: Virtualized Infrastructure Managers (VIM) such as OpenStack and Software Defined Networking Controllers (SDNC) such as Open Daylight.

The OPNFV Dovetail project is responsible for the testing framework in OPNFV. The Dovetail testing framework is currently used by all of the active OPNFV projects. Dovetail has been through ~3 OPNFV release cycles and has been hardened in the process. The Dovetail community includes ~15 companies and ~20 active developers.

The Dovetail test framework includes the following features which make it ideal as the test framework for VNF certification testing:

  1. Provides a Generic Test Framework

While the Dovetail project is currently being used in OPNFV as the test framework for NFV infrastructure testing, there is nothing that limits the Dovetail test framework to NFV infrastructure testing. This allows the same test framework to be used across multiple NFV initiatives (OPNFV and ONAP) and across multiple (NFV infrastructure and VNF certification) test suites.

  1. Separates the Vendor and Certification Authority environment

Dovetail uses an authenticated REST interface which is used by the test environment to report test results to the test repository. This allows the test repository to be located in a different administrative domain than the test runtime environment.

  1. Separates the test environment from the test framework environment

    Dovetail launches tests in a Docker container. This provides some isolation of the test environment from the test framework environment.

Figure 1 below illustrates the Dovetail test framework architecture.


Figure 1: OPNFV Dovetail Test Framework Architecture

Implementation Overview

OPNFV Dovetail will be integrated into the ONAP VNF Marketplace. The ONAP VNF Marketplace is an ONAP application which displays all VNFs that are available in an ONAP instantiation for incorporation into an ONAP Network Service. Dovetail will be integrated into the VNF Marketplace ingest flow and will also be available as a general service which can be used to run additional VNF certification tests after the VNF Package has been uploaded to the VNF Marketplace.

The VNF Marketplace ingest flow performs basic tests on a VNF package before it is uploaded into the ONAP VNF Marketplace. Tests which fall into this category will be incorporated into the ONAP VNF Package Validation test suite.

The Dovetail client will also be available as a service in the VNF Marketplace. The Dovetail client is an interactive application which allows additional VNF Certification tests to be run on a VNF after the VNF Package has been uploaded to the VNF Marketplace. The Dovetail client will indicate which certification tests have been successfully run on each VNF in the VNF Marketplace. VNF Vendors that are interested in obtaining additional certifications for VNFs that have been uploaded in the marketplace will have the ability to work with Certification Test suppliers to obtain and run advanced certification tests. Figure 2 illustrates how the VNF Certification Framework is being integrated into ONAP.


Figure 2: ONAP VNF Certification Framework

Figure 2 illustrates the flow that is used to execute the VNF Package On Boarding test suite as part of the VNF ingest flow of the ONAP VNF Marketplace.

  1. Initiate Upload

The VNF Vendor initiates a VNF upload request to the ONAP VNF Marketplace. This API call includes a reference to the VNF Package the vendor wants to upload.

  1. Download testing client

The VNF Marketplace executes the VNF Package On Boarding test suite as part of the VNF ingest flow. The first step in this process is to instantiate the Dovetail testing client. The Dovetail client is instantiated with a parameter which specifies the name of the test suite that Dovetail will execute. In this case Dovetail will execute the VNF Package On Boarding test suite.

  1. Start Testing Flow

Dovetail creates a Docker container for the test environment for each test in the test suite. The VNF Package On Boarding test suite includes tests which examine the contents of the contents of the VNF package, examine the orchestration template, and examine the VM image(s) of the VNF. Tests which use ONAP services will send asynchronous requests to the service via the ONAP Micro Services bus.

  1. Check Progress

Tests may check the status of ONAP services which are instantiated asynchronously.

  1. Examine VNF

ONAP services used by the VNF Package On Boarding test suite may need to access components of the VNF package for validate their content.

  1. Report Certification Results Back

As each test progresses, results are reported back through the Dovetail framework to the certification database. In this case, the certification database is local to the ONAP VNF Marketplace.

If all of the tests in the VNF Package On Boarding test suite complete successfully, then the VNF Package and its contents are stored in the VNF Marketplace where they can be used for further ONAP VNF On Boarding processes.

Implementation Details

Introduce a new test module under VNFSDK

A new test module ‘VnfTest’ will be added as a subproject in VNF-SDK.

This project will be similar to ‘Yardstick’ in the way it defines and runs tests.

Dovetail to support new type

A new test framework type will be introduced to dovetail – “VNFTest”.

Dovetail will handle the new type in the same way yardstick/functest types are handled.

When dovetail needs to fetch the “VnfTest” docker image, it will consult with configuration for determining the exact image name and version.

The “VnfTest” framework is expected to support the same APIs and format currently used between dovetail and yardstick/functest.