VNF SDK Marketplace User Guide for VNF Suppliers

The VNF SDK Marketplace helps vendors validate VNFs and connect with suppliers. To upload and validate VNFs, vendors will use the web GUI.

  1. Log into the portal

  2. Click “upload” in the upper right to upload a VNF. Select the file and enter a short description and details.

  3. The file is uploaded into the system and the marketplace automatically starts the VNF validation process.

  4. Once validation is complete, the VNF is installed in the marketplace.

  5. A vendor can re-upload a VNF if there are changes by clicking the “re-upload” button.

  6. A vendor can also delete a VNF by clicking the “delete” button.

  7. Using the buttons in the upper right corner, a user can see a list or grid of VNFs.

  8. The marketplace provides an onboarding report for each VNF. You can see the testing results by clicking on the VNF. In the Amsterdam release, only validation tests are run. In the future, we plan to add lifecycle and functional tests.