VNF SDK Marketplace User Guide for Operators

The VNF SDK Marketplace helps operators download pre-validated VNFs through the web GUI.

  1. Log into the portal

  2. Using the buttons in the upper right corner, an operator can see the currently validated VNFs in a list or grid view.

  3. The marketplace provides an onboarding report for each VNF. Operators can see the testing results by clicking on the VNF. In the Amsterdam release, only validation tests are run. In the future, we plan to add lifecycle and functional tests.

  4. Operators can download a VNF by clicking on the “download” button.

  5. VNF SDK also supports integration with SDC. A VNF can be onboarded into SDC by visiting the SDC portal. SDC connects to VNF SDK and can query all available VNFs. When an operator selects a VNF in the SDC portal, it will be downloaded from VNFSDK and installed in the SDC catalog.