VNF Package Tool

Provided tools

  • VNF Package Builder - creates a CSAR file based on inputs provided by the VNF product DevOps engineer

  • VNF Package Validator - validates the content of the VNF packages to ensure that everything has been built correctly

  • VNF Package Extractor - extracts VNF product model and executables from the CSAR file

  • VNF Package Parser - translates VNF product blueprint into a format consumable by ONAP components

The tools are provided in the form of a shared library (Python module) that can be used in other projects. A CLI is also provided out-of-the-box for DevOps to use the library with their scripts and automation framework.

Repository Name: vnfsdk/pkgtools

Clone command: git clone


Python module with CLI is installed by Python pip command. It is possible to install into a virtual environment (virtualenv).

To install the vnfsdk package tool from source, run the following commands in the cloned repository directory:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install .

To install the vnfsdk pkgtools from onap hosted pypi repository, run the following commands in a python virtual environment:

$ pip install -i vnfsdk

Use VNF SDK package tools


  • Create CSAR by specifying a directory

vnfsdk [-v] csar-create [-h] -d DESTINATION [--manifest MANIFEST] [--history HISTORY]
[--tests TESTS] [--licenses LICENSES] [--digest {SHA256,SHA512}]
[--certificate CERTIFICATE] [--privkey PRIVKEY] source entry


$ vnfsdk csar-create -d /tmp/helloworld.csar --manifest --history ChangeLog.txt
--tests Tests --licenses Licenses --certificate test.crt --privkey test.key --digest SHA256
./hello-world/ helloworld.yaml
  • Extract CSAR content

vnfsdk -v csar-open [-h] -d DESTINATION [--no-verify-cert] source


$ vnfsdk csar-open -d /tmp/helloworld --no-verify-cert /tmp/helloworld.csar
  • Validate CSAR content

vnfsdk -v csar-validate [-h] source


$ vnfsdk csar-validate /tmp/helloworld.csar

All commands have -h switch which displays help and description of all parameters.