ONAP Operations Manager Release Notes

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This document provides the release notes for the Honolulu release.


The focus of this release is to strengthen the foundation of OOM installer.

Release Data



Docker images


Release designation


Release date


New features

  • Kubernetes support for version up to 1.20

  • Helm support for version up to 3.5

  • Limits are set for most of the components

  • Portal-Cassandra image updated to Bitnami, supporting IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

  • CMPv2 external issuer implemented which extends Cert-Manager with ability to enroll X.509 certificates from CMPv2 servers

  • New version for mariadb galera using Bitnami image, supporting IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

  • Bump version of common PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch

  • Move to automatic certificates retrieval for 80% of the components

  • Consistent retrieval of docker images, with ability to configure proxy for the 4 repositories used by ONAP

Bug fixes

A list of issues resolved in this release can be found here: https://jira.onap.org/projects/OOM/versions/11073

major issues solved:

  • Better handling of persistence on PostgreSQL

  • Better Ingress templating

  • Better Service templating

Known Issues

  • OOM-2554 Common pods have java 8

  • OOM-2435 SDNC karaf shell: log:list: Error executing command: Unrecognized configuration

  • OOM-2629 NetBox demo entry setup not complete

  • OOM-2706 CDS Blueprint Processor does not work with local DB

  • OOM-2713 Problem on onboarding custom cert to SDNC ONAP during deployment

  • OOM-2698 SO helm override fails in for value with multi-level replacement

  • OOM-2697 SO with local MariaDB deployment fails

  • OOM-2538 strange error with CertInitializer template

  • OOM-2547 Health Check failures seen after bringing down/up control plane & worker node VM instances on which ONAP hosted

  • OOM-2699 SO so-mariadb readinessCheck fails for local MariaDB instance

  • OOM-2705 SDNC DB installation fails on local MariaDB instance

  • OOM-2603 [SDNC] allign password for scaleoutUser/restconfUser/odlUser


Software Deliverables

OOM provides Helm charts that needs to be “compiled”.

Documentation Deliverables

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

Known Vulnerabilities

  • Hard coded password used for all OOM deployments [OJSI-188]

  • Hard coded certificates <../oom_hardcoded_certificates> in Helm packages


  • https://github.com/bitnami/charts/issues Workaround is to generate a password with “short” strength or pregenerate passwords without single quote in it. Default deployment is using “short” password generation for mariadb.

Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues


For more information on the ONAP Frankfurt release, please see:

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