ONAP Operations Manager Release Notes

Version 4.0.0 (Dublin Release)

Release Date:


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Platform Resiliency

  • Documentation of a Highly-Available Kubernetes Cluster Deployment

  • Availability of a Default Storage Class Provisioner for improved Persistent Storage resiliency

  • Availability of a CNI reference integration for Multi-site support

    • applications can take advantage of multi-site by using POD and/or Node (anti)affinity, taints/tolerations, labels per application

Footprint Optimization

  • Shared MariaDB-Galera Cluster - current clients in Dublin: SO, SDNC

  • Shared Cassandra Cluster - current clients in Dublin: AAI, SDC

  • Optional deployment of independent clusters (backward compatibility)

Platform Upgradability

  • Introduction of an Upgrade Framework supporting:

    • Automated rolling upgrades for applications

    • In-place schema and data migrations

    • Blue-Green deployment environment migration (e.g. Pre-prod to Prod)

    • Upgrades from embedded database instance into shared database instance

  • Release-to-release upgrade support delivered for the following projects

    • A&AI

    • SDNC

    • SO

Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues

Known Security Issues

  • In default deployment OOM (consul-server-ui) exposes HTTP port 30270 outside of cluster. [OJSI-134]

  • Hard coded password used for all oom deployments [OJSI-188]

  • CVE-2019-12127 - OOM exposes unprotected API/UI on port 30270 [OJSI-202]

Known Vulnerabilities in Used Modules

OOM code has been formally scanned during build time using NexusIQ and no Critical vulnerability was found.

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