ONAP Operations Manager Release Notes

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This document provides the release notes for the Frankfurt release.


The focus of this release is to strengthen the foundation of OOM installer.

Release Data



Docker images


Release designation


Release date


New features

  • Ingress deployment is getting more and more usable

  • Use of dynamic Persistent Volume is available

Bug fixes

A list of issues resolved in this release can be found here: https://jira.onap.org/projects/OOM/versions/10826

Known Issues

  • OOM-1237 Source Helm Charts from ONAP Repo. Having helm charts repo is not possible for Frankfurt release.

  • OOM-1720 galera container is outdated. containers used for mariadb are outdated and not supported anymore.

  • OOM-1817 Use of global.repository inconsistent across Helm Charts. it’s then may be hard to retrieve some containers when deploying in constrained environment.

  • OOM-2075 Invalid MTU for Canal CNI interfaces

  • OOM-2227 Cassandra Backup Mechanism works only on “static PV” mode.

  • OOM-2230 Missing requests/limits for some PODS. This can lead to “memory bombing” so cautious monitoring of Kubernetes resources usage must be set up.

  • OOM-2279 OOM El Alto and master clamp mariadb resources doesn’t match chart.

  • OOM-2285 deploy.sh does not work for mariadb-galera. deploy script doesn’t behave well with “-” in the component name.

  • OOM-2369 DMAAP Helm install takes too long and often fails.

  • OOM-2418 Readiness-check 2.0.2 not working properly for stateful set.

  • OOM-2421 OOM NBI chart deployment error. In some case, NBI deployment fails.

  • OOM-2422 Portal App is unreachable when deploying without HTTPs


Software Deliverables

Documentation Deliverables

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

Known Vulnerabilities


  • OOM-1237 Workaround is to generate them as explained in documentation.

  • OOM-1817 Workaround is to use offline installer if needed.

  • OOM-2227 Workaround is to stick to “static PV” (so, not using storage class) if backup is needed.

  • OOM-2285 Workaround is to use directly helm upgrade if needed.

  • OOM-2369 Workaround is to play postinstall jobs by hand.

  • OOM-2418 Workaround is to use version 2.2.2 in global part of override file if the new check is needed.

  • OOM-2421 Workaround is to undeploy/redeploy NBI.

  • OOM-2422 Workaround is to create first portal app service with service type Cluster IP then changing it to NodePort or LoadBalancer so all the port are available.

Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues

  • In default deployment OOM (consul-server-ui) exposes HTTP port 30270 outside of cluster. [OJSI-134]

  • CVE-2019-12127 - OOM exposes unprotected API/UI on port 30270 [OJSI-202]


For more information on the ONAP Frankfurt release, please see:

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