Integration team deals with 2 different CI/CD systems.

  • Jenkins CI/CD, CI managed by LF IT and CD by Integration team

  • GitLab-CI managed by Integration team

Continuous Integration

The CI part provides the following features:

  • Repository verification (format of the INFO.yaml)

  • Patchset verification thanks to json/yaml/python/go/rst/md linters. These Jenkins verification jobs are hosted in the ci-management repository. They can vote +1/-1 on patchset submission. Integration team systematically enables linters on any new repository

  • Docker build: Integration team builds testsuite dockers and xtesting dockers. These dockers are built then pushed to Nexus through a jjb also hosted in the ci-management repository.

The different verification chains are defined in

The Jenkins jobs (jjb) are hosted in

Continuous Deployment

GitLab CD

This CD is leveraging public gitlab-ci mechanism and used to deploy several ONAP labs:

  • Daily Master: daily run using OOM Master

  • Weekly Master: run once a week with longer tests

  • Gating: run on OOM, clamp or SO patchset submission. It means a full ONAP deployment on demand based on new patchset declared in gerrit.

See Integration CI guideline for details.