Integration Missions


The Integration project is in charge of:

  • Providing testing environment

  • Supporting the use case teams

  • Managing ONAP CI/CD chains

  • Developing tests

  • Providing baseline images

  • Validating the ONAP releases

The different activities may be summarized as follows (proportions are indicative):

  • Community support

  • Lab support

  • Use case support

  • Test development

  • Management of daily/weekly CI chains

  • Build baseline images

  • Automate tests

  • Validate the release

For each release, the integration team provides the following artifacts:

  • A daily CI chain corresponding to the release

  • Staging labs to perform the pairwise testing (when not automated) and support the use case teams

  • Baseline Java and Python images

  • oparent library to manage Java dependencies

  • Test suites and tools to check the various ONAP components

  • Use-case documentation and artifacts

  • A testsuite docker included in the ONAP cluster to execute the robot based tests

  • Configuration files (scripts, Heat templates, CSAR files) to help installing and testing ONAP

  • Wiki release follow-up tables (blocking points, docker versions,…)

Please see the integration wiki page for details.