The Integration project is in charge of:

  • Providing testing environment and support for the release use cases
  • Executing Cross-project Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT)
  • Managing full ONAP CI chains (daily master, staging, stable) to ensure the stability of the integration
  • Developing and performing tests within full ONAP context (healthcheck, End to End, performance, robustness…)
  • Validating the ONAP release

For each release, the integration team provides the following artifacts:

  • Test suites and tools to check the various ONAP components
  • Use-case documentation and artifacts
  • a testsuite docker included in ONAP cluster to execute the tests
  • baseline JAVA and Python images, as well as a docker managing Java libraries
  • Configuration fiales and Heat templates to simplify the creation of the virtual ressources needed for the ONAP deployment and the use cases.

The integration team manages several official ONAP repositories:

Integration repositories table
Repository Description Link
integration Historical main repository including documentation, simulators (e.g. mass PNF simulator), non robot tests (e.g. security tests, vCPE Tosca,..), … link
integration/csit Repository hosting some tooling to start component functional tests in Jenkins (To be deprecated in Guilin as such tests must be reinsourced by the projects) link
integration/docker/onap-java11 Java11 baseline image conformed to SECCOM recommendations link
integration/docker/onap-python Python baseline image conformed to SECCOM recommendations link
integration/simulators/dc-simulator Data Center simulator link
integration/simulators/pnf-simulator PNF Simulator link
integration/simulators/ran-simulator RAN simulator link
integration/usecases/bbs BBS use case introduced in Dublin and extracted from global repository in frankfurt link
integration/usecases/mdons MDONS use case introduced in Frankfurt link
testsuite repository hosting the robot test suites link
testsuite/heatbridge python utils to manage the heatbridge function to enrich cloud information to AAI (deprecated) link
testsuite/oom Helm chart for robot pod (to be deprecated in Guilin and moved back to OOM) link
testsuite/python-testing-utils Python and robot util libraries used for robot tests link
demo Historical repository to host use case artifacts (heat templates, json files,..) link
oparent Java dependencies for JAVA projects link

Since Frankfurt, we tried to create smaller repositories for the use cases and the simulators. It shall help us to maintain the use cases and the simulators. It shall also help to leverage and adopt existing simulators rather than systematically re-inventing the wheel.

The main wiki page of the Integration team can be found in, you will find different menus, Q&As, and release pages.

Environment Installation

In addition of the official OOM scripts, Integration provides some guidelines to install your OpenStack configuration thanks to a heat template. See Integration heat guideline for details.

Integration CI

Integration project is responsible of the Continuous Integration Chains. A guide has been created to setup your own CI chain. See Integration CI guideline for details.

Stability Testing

Ensuring the stability of ONAP is one of the missions of the Integration team. CI chains and stability tests are performed to help stabilising the release. See Integration stability tests for details.