Adding a Cloud Site

By default, having deployed ONAP, you should have provided information that have been used by installation procedure to configure ONAP to be connected with a first Openstack Cloud Site in order to instantiate services on that platform.

By default, ONAP to Cloud Site interactions are managed by ONAP SO component directly.

You have also the possibility to configure ONAP SO to interact Cloud Site via ONAP MultiCloud component.

To be able to add new Cloud Site you need to:

  • configure ONAP SO to know about the new Cloud Site

  • configure ONAP SO to know to use ONAP MultiCloud for that new CloudSite

  • declare the new cloud Site in ONAP AAI

  • register the new cloud Site in ONAP multiCloud

The following guides are provided to describe tasks that a user of ONAP may need to perform to inter-connect ONAP with a a new cloud Site.