Component Release Notes

ONAP releases are specified by a list of project artifact versions in the project repositories and Docker container image versions listed in the OOM Helm charts. Each project provides detailed release notes and prepends to these if/when any updated versions the project team believes are compatible with a major release are made available.

AAI - Active and Available Inventory

CCSDK - Common Controller Software Development Kit

CLI - Command Line Interface

CPS - Configuration Persistence Service

DCAE Gen.2 - Data Collection, Analysis and Events

DMAAP - Data Movement As A Platform

DOC - Documentation

HOLMES - Holmes

INT - Integration

MODELING - Modeling

MULTICLOUD - Multi Cloud

OOF - Optimization Framework

OOM - ONAP Operations Manager

POLICY - Policy Framework


<to be done>

SDC - Service Design & Creation

SDNC - Software Defined Network Controller

SO - Service Orchestration

UUI - Use Case User Interface

VFC - Virtual Function Controller

VNFSDK - VNF Software Development Kit