<project> Release Notes


  • The release note needs to be updated for each ONAP release

  • Except the section “Release data” all other sections are optional and should be applied where applicable

  • Only the current release is to be documented in this document

  • This note needs to be removed before publishing the final result


This document provides the release notes for the <releasename> release.


<Give a high level description of your project with regards to this specific release>

Release Data


<project name>

Docker images

make sure you include all docker images including the release version

Release designation

<release name followed by version>

New features

<Describe new features or other new additions>

Bug fixes

  • CIMAN-65 and a sentence explaining what this defect is addressing.

Known Issues

  • CIMAN-65 and two to three sentences explaining what this issue is.


Software Deliverables

Documentation Deliverables

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

System Limitations

Any known system limitations.

Known Vulnerabilities

Results of know vulnerabilities analysis in used modules.


Any known workarounds.

Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues

List of security issues fixed in this release including CVEs and OJSI tickets.

Known Security Issues

List of new security issues that are left unfixed in this release including CVEs and OJSI tickets.

Test Results

List or refer to any project specific results


For more information on the ONAP <release name> release, please see:

  1. ONAP Home Page

  2. ONAP Documentation

  3. ONAP Release Downloads

  4. ONAP Wiki Page