Externalized Testing & VTP Certifications Query Feature

The Certifications Query and VTP (External to SDC) testing feature was added to Dublin to allow SDC onboarding to reach outside of SDC for testing of VSPs being onboarded.

These tests include queries for existing certification results for prior versions of the VSP and testing of CSAR or HEAT metadata via tests in or downstream of VTP. The design includes the ability to configure (see configuration below) multiple endpoints that SDC onboarding reaches out to for external testing.

This diagram presents the architecture to be achieved in Dublin or a future release given the resources available.


New and Impacted Code

The new code for this feature follows the software design of the existing onboarding BE. New code is isolated into two new subprojects contained within openecomp-be within minimal hooks elsewhere.

New code:

Code that creates an HTTP endpoint exposed to the SDC-FE for this feature is contained in this package:

package: api/openecomp-sdc-rest-webapp/externaltesting-rest/externaltesting-rest-services

Code to hold data types for the VTP API and the implementation of the interface to VTP is contained in these packages:

Provide the API and serialisation classes for the REST API to VTP

package: lib/openecomp-sdc-externaltesting-lib/openecomp-sdc-externaltesting-api

Implementation of the interface to VTP and Registry that are available for the HTTP endpoint above.

package: lib/openecomp-sdc-externaltesting-lib/openecomp-sdc-externaltesting-impl

Updated Code:

To hook this new code into the web app, these additional changes were made:

  • api/openecomp-sdc-rest-webapp/pom.xml - Updated pom to include new module to build.

  • api/openecomp-sdc-rest-webapp/onboarding-rest-war/pom.xml - Update pom to include externaltesting libraries.

  • api/openecomp-sdc-rest-webapp/onboarding-rest-war - Update src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/beans-services.xml so that the external testing service beans are instantiated.


Configuration was added to the onboarding backend yaml in order to know the URLs to reach VTP and external testing sources. The full configuration is documented in the configuration section of this manual. For details, see the BE-onboarding-configuration.yaml section. Here is an example of the yaml.

# External Testing Configuration
  #array of endpoints that SDC-BE should connect with for external testing
    // ID for endpoint
  - id: vtp
    // what format of post request does the endpoint accept for runs - json or multi-part form
    postStyle: application/json
    // is this enpoint enabled or disabled.
    enabled: false
    // base URL for the endpoint
    url: http://ec2-34-237-35-152.compute-1.amazonaws.com:9090
    // optional api key to pass in header to endpoint
    apiKey: blahblahblah
   - id: certifications repository
      postStyle: application/json
      url: http://ec2-34-237-35-152.compute-1.amazonaws.com:9090
      enabled: true
      apiKey: blahblahblah2