The application offers basic inventory management of devices supporting ONF-TR-512 and ietf-hardware.


The inventory application offers two different ways to visualize inventory data.


The view displays the inventory data of the network element – for example, serial-numbers and part-numbers according to the containment of the equipment – as a table. By right-clicking on an entry, the element can be viewed in the treeview.


The treeview visualizes relations between the inventory data of a network element. To load all relations, a ’*’ can be entered in the search-field.

Inventory Export:

The ‘︙’ button in the upper right corner of the table allows exporting the inventory data as a CSV file.

Only the currently viewed table data is exported. As the default pagination is set to 10, only the first 10 rows or filtered rows would be exported. To increase the number of exported rows change the pagination.

The behavior of the export can vary based on different browsers:

  1. Some browsers allow you to save the file with the predefined name export.csv. In case your browser does not offer this function please use the ‘Save as…’ option and define the filename with extension csv.

  2. Some browsers save the file automatically with the alphanumeric name but without an extension. In such a case navigate to the downloaded file location and rename the file. The extension (csv) must be appended to the name. The result should look like export_file.csv.