The ‘Connect’ application on OpenDaylight provides up-to-date connectivity information about the wireless devices in the network. It automatically displays new Network Elements and their connection status. Usually, the Network Elements mount themselves. If necessary, they can be mounted manually by right-clicking on the element and selecting the ‘mount’ action. For better understanding of alarms and status, a connection status log lists all the connection status changes of OpenDaylight mount points.


The graphical user interface is divided into two sections.

Network Elements

Network Elements are physical network functions (PNFs). A table view shows all configured and connected NetConf Servers of the SDN-R cluster. This view also allows to manually configure/mount a device via the ‘+’ button. The SDN controller will start connecting to the NetConf server.

Network Elements can be marked as ‘required’. If an element is required, it will stay available even if disconnected. If an element is not required, it will be deleted once disconnected.

By right-clicking on an element, an action menu opens. The menu allows to mount, unmount, view the details, edit and remove the element. Additionally, it links to several applications like Fault and Configure, which will be filtered to display information relevant to the selected element.

Connection Status Log

The log lists the connection status changes between SDN Controller and NetConf servers (devices).