The application rely on yang-specifications provided by the device. It is Generic and generated user interface, generated by yang specs and capabilites of a device. Each view of a functional element is divided into capabilities, configuration, status, current problem, current performance and history performance information according to TR-532.

A separate window is available for modifying the configuration. All changes made are sent to the device in a single NetConf bulk request. The operator is notified about successfully configuring the device.


Read yang specifications and generate related User interface out of it

  • Provide yang description as tool tip for fields

  • Consider specified type for input fields

  • Provide read and write access


The application is implemented as ODLUX web application using the RestConf northbound interface of the SDN controller. The key frameworks are: Typescript, React and material-ui.

Connection status information is updated automatically using a web socket for notifications from OpenDaylight to the browser.