Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for the documentation project.

Jakarta Releases

The following releases are available:

Jakarta Major Release 10.0.0


Documentation Project

Release name


Release version


New features

  • Documentation cleaned up. Chapters which include unmaintained projects were removed to avoid misunderstandings at the readership.

  • Projects (repositories) which do not create a stable release branch are no longer included in the release documentation. This should help to improve the release management process.

  • Beginning with this release we are providing example configuration files for setting up a proper process of documentation creation. Please check the ‘doc’ repository.

  • The Interactive Architecture Overview was updated. Learn about the ONAP architecture in an intuitive way.

  • The guide to set up a development system for documentation was updated.

All JIRA tickets for this release can be found here: ONAP Documentation Jira