SDNC Release Notes


This document provides the release notes for the Jakarta release of the Software Defined Network Controller (SDNC)


The Jakarta release of SDNC includes enhancements network slicing as well as a major OpenDaylight release upgrade (to Phosphorus).

The Jakarta release of SDNC also includes substantial improvements in automated test coverage integrated into the project’s CI/CD framework. In this release, each time a new SDNC is built, a regression suite is run and the docker is only saved if it passes this regression suite.

Release Data



Docker images

See Docker Containers section below

Release designation


New features

The SDNC Jakarta release includes the following features, which are inherited from CCSDK:

  • Upgrade to OpenDaylight Phosphorus Release (Jira CCSDK-3451)

  • A1 Adapter and A1 Policy Management Extensions in Jakarta Release - CCSDK (Jira CCSDK-3463)

  • CCSDK impacts for Network slicing in Jakarta Release (Jira CCSDK-3554)

For the complete list of CCSDK Jakarta release epics and CCSDK Jakarta release user stories , please see the ONAP Jira.

Bug fixes

The SDNC Jakarta release carries forward a fix from the Istanbul Maintenance Release 1 for a critical vulnerability discovered in log4j by upgrading to version 2.17.1 of the log4j-core package. It also removes the ‘data-migrator’ package, which was an old Proof of Concept that is no longer maintained and which was using a vulnerable version of log4j. These changes are described further in Jira SDNC-1655 <>

The full list of bugs fixed in the SDNC Jakarta release is maintained on the ONAP Jira.

Known Issues

The full list of known issues in SDNC is maintained on the ONAP Jira.


Software Deliverables

Docker Containers

The following table lists the docker containers comprising the SDNC Jakarta release along with the current stable Jakarta version/tag. Each of these is available on the ONAP nexus3 site ( and can be downloaded with the following command:

docker pull{image-name}:{version}

Documentation Deliverables

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

System Limitations

No system limitations noted.

Known Vulnerabilities

Any known vulnerabilities for ONAP are tracked in the ONAP Jira in the OJSI project. Any outstanding OJSI issues that pertain to SDNC are listed in the secissues section below.


Not applicable.

Security Notes

Known Security Issues

There are no known outstanding security issues related to SDNC Jakarta.

Test Results

Not applicable


For more information on the ONAP Jakarta release, please see:

  1. ONAP Home Page

  2. ONAP Documentation

  3. ONAP Release Downloads

  4. ONAP Wiki Page