4.6. VNF Develop StepsΒΆ

Aid to help the VNF provider to fasten the integration with the GVNFM, the ONAP provides the VNF SDK tools, and the documents. In this charter, the develop steps for VNF providers will be introduced.

First, using the VNF SDK tools to design the VNF with TOSCA model and output the VNF TOSCA package. The VNF package can be validated, and tested.

Second, the VNF provider should provide the VNF Rest API to integrate with the GVNFM if needed. The VNF Rest API is aligned to the ETSI IFA document.

Third, the TOSCA model supports the HPA feature.


  1. The scripts to extend capacity to satisfy some special requirements. In the R2, the scripts is not implemented fully, and will be provided in the next release.
  2. The monitoring and scale policy also be provide the next release.