1. Purpose

  • The purpose of these requirements is to accelerate adoption of VNF or PNF best practices which will increase innovation, minimize customization needed to onboard VNFs or PNFs as well as reduce implementation complexity, time and cost for all impacted stakeholders.

  • The consolidated requirements provide common VNF or PNF requirements across the industry in order to drive interoperability, simplify management, and reduce cost to build, deploy and manage VNFs or PNFs.

  • These requirements serve multiple purposes:
    • Primarily it provides a detailed list of requirements for VNF or PNF providers to meet to be compatible with ONAP; VNF or PNF providers will use the VNF or PNF requirements to build VNFs/PNFs that are compatible with ONAP.

    • It can also serve as a list of requirements that service providers can use in RFPs for selecting VNFs/PNFs.

    • It will also be used as a basis for testing and certification of VNFs or PNFs for compliance with ONAP; ONAP projects such as the VNF Validation Project will uses these VNFs or PNFs requirements to build test cases to validate VNFs or PNFs for compliance with ONAP.