• Set the list of services to be instantiated by MACRO
    To set a certain service for the MACRO style instantiation instead of A La Carte, update MACRO_SERVICES in vidConfiguration.js file, with the service model invariant UUID (More info under the Configurations section).
  • Populate VID Project/Owning entity/Line of Business/Platform drop downs
    VID administrator has to populate this drop downs with at least one option each. This gets done easily by a POST request. In the following example we add a “Demonstration” option to the Line of Business drop down:

    curl -X POST '' -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -d '{"options":["Demonstration"]}'

    (Replace lineOfBusiness with: platform, project, owningEntity - in order to add Demonstration to all other drop downs as well)

  • Deprecated: Set change management workflows support for a VNF
    No manual administration is needed. Available workflows are controlled in Workflow Designer (WFD).
  • VoLTE E2E services deployment support
    VID supports VoLTE E2E services deployment. In order to trigger the E2E flow, the service category in the model (as SDC generates it) has to be set to “E2E Service”.
  • Role management support
    VID supports role management for its users with AAF integration. This feature is turned off by default. In order to activate it, update “role_management_activated” value in to “true”.