MultiCloud Resources Capacity Check API

To better expose VIM capabilities and available resources capacity to external consumer, some extensions need to be done by MultiCloud.

Problem Description

Current MultiCloud didn’t expose any standard API/methods to check/publish the resources capacity for each VIM, which makes external project can not realize the capacity information of VIM. When a VIM with shortage resources was chosen to deploy a bunch of VNFs, it will fail eventually. Exposing these information will could let external project to make a better decision on choosing which VIM to deploy the VNFs.

Propose Change

Cloud Locations

Cloud latitude and longitude information is needed by OOF to determine the distance between vGMuxInfra and vG. The latitude and longitude information are part of A&AI complex schema[A&AI Complex Schema]_, which related to cloud-region schema.

There is no change needed to MultiCloud, but cloud administrator need to input these information when register a new VIM. Currently ESR Portal don’t expose these input forms to cloud administrator, need ESR team to add related workflow to create complex data in A&AI and create a relationship between location information and cloud-region record.

… [A&AI Complex Schema];a=blob;f=aai-schema/src/main/resources/oxm/aai_oxm_v12.xml;h=e146c06ac675a1127ee11205c0ff2544e4d9a81d;hb=HEAD#l772

Multi-Tenant Support

Request Headers:

To support multi-tenants over the same cloud region, all APIs defined below should support to accept the following optional headers which are used to specify a tenant other than the default one associated with the cloud region.

"Project"   : Tenant/Project ID or Name specified by API consumer, Optional

Example 1:

"Project: tenant1"

Example 2:

"Project: fcca3cc49d5e42caae15459e27103efc"

Available Resource Check

A new API will be used by OOF to check the available cloud resources, which will help OOF to make a better placement decision. OOF will give a resrouces requirement of a specific deployment and a list of VIMs which need to be check whether have enough resources for this deployment. The ouput of Multicloud will be a list of VIMs which have enough resources.

There will be two part of APIs for this requirement, an check_vim_capacity API will be added to MultiCloud borker to return a list of VIMs, another API <vim_id>/capacity_check will be added to each MultiCloud plugins, and return true or false based on whether the VIM have enought resources. When MultiCloud broker receive a POST request on check_vim_capacity, it will request to each <vim_id>/capacity_check API, and return a list of VIMs with a true in response data.

Format of “vim_id” complying to the functional requirement of “Consistent ID of a Cloud Region”



Format of “VIM ID” complying to the functional requirement of “Consistent ID of a Cloud Region”

  "cloud-owner": string, //cloud owner name/ID
  "cloud-region-id": string, //cloud region ID

Example: array of "VIM ID" looks like:

 {"cloud-owner": "owner1", "cloud-region-id": "regionid1"},
 {"cloud-owner": "owner2", "cloud-region-id": "regionid2"}

Format of “AZinfo”

  "availability-zone-name": string, //name of available zone
  "vCPUTotal": int,  //number of total cores, optional field
  "MemoryTotal": float,  //GB,total memory, optional field
  "StorageTotal": int, //GB total storage, optional field
  "vCPUAvail": int,  //number of available cores
  "MemoryAvail": float,  //GB, availablesize of memory
  "StorageAvail": int, //GB, available storage

Format of “VIMinfo” which extend the “VIM ID” as below

  "cloud-owner": string, //cloud owner name/ID
  "cloud-region-id": string, //cloud region ID
  "AZs": array,  // list of AZinfo

Input of check_vim_capacity will be

  "vCPU": int,  // number of cores
  "Memory": float,  // size of memory, GB
  "Storage": int, //GB
  "VIMs": array, //list of "VIM ID" with which OOF wish to check

Output of check_vim_capacity will be

  "VIMs": array, //list of VIMinfo

Input of <vim_id>/capacity_check will be

  "vCPU": int,
  "Memory": float,
  "Storage": int,

Output of <vim_id>/capacity_check will be

  "result": bool,
  "AZs": array, //list of AZinfo, optional field

Work Items

  1. Work with ESR team for location inport form.

  2. Add check_vim_capacity API to MultiCloud Broker.

  3. Add check_vim_capacity API to each MultiCloud Plugins.


  1. Unit Tests with tox

  2. CSIT Tests, the input/ouput of broker and each plugin see API design above.