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The Configuration Persistence Service (CPS) is a platform component that is designed to serve as a data repository for runtime data that needs persistence.

Types of data that is stored:

  • Configuration Parameters

    These are configuration parameters that are used by xNFs during installation & commissioning. Configuration parameters are typically used before the xNF has been brought up or is operational. For example, a 5G Network configuration parameter for a PNFs that sets the mechanical tilt which is a configuration setting upon installation.

  • Operational Parameters

    This operational information could be either an actual state or configuration of a network service or device. These are parameters that are derived, discovered, computed that are used by xNFs during run time AFTER the xNF becomes operational i.e. AFTER it has “booted up”, been installed or configured. For example, in 5G Network, 5G PNFs may need to adjust a tower electrical antenna tilt. These operational parameters are Exo-inventory information, meaning it is information that doesn’t belong in A&AI. In principle, some parameters might be both configuration and operational parameters depending on how they are used.

CPS Project

Wiki: Configuration Persistence Service Project

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