CPS Temporal Design

Exposed APIs

CPS Temporal is providing a REST HTTP API to query historical CPS data. Its OPEN API Specification can be found either:

  • In openapi.yml file

  • At https://<cps-temporal-host>:<cps-temporal-port>/swagger/openapi.yml endpoint available on CPS Temporal running instance

Swagger UI is also available at:

  • https://<cps-temporal-host>:<cps-temporal-port>/swagger-ui.html

And following Postman collection can be used to send requests to any running instance:

Event Integration

CPS Core and CPS Temporal are integrated with an event driven architecture. Integration between these two components is event notification based.

For each data modification handled by CPS Core,

  • CPS Core is publishing, to a dedicated Kafka topic, an event representing the data configuration or state.

  • CPS Temporal is listening to the same topic for the event and is responsible to keep track of all data over time.

Refer to CPS Temporal Modeling for more details on the event structure.