Platform Operations

ONAP Operations

Configuring, scaling and upgrading ONAP is supported by OOM and can be found in:


ONAP Testing and Monitoring

Monitoring of ONAP depends on the deployment scenario. Generally the infrastructure monitoring (Openstack, K8S) depends on the platform ONAP is installed on.

Additionally ONAP supports the following additional tools to monitor ONAP functions

Basic Healthcheck of ONAP is supported by:


Interface Health can be checked via Consul:

OOM provides two mechanisms to monitor the real-time health of an ONAP deployment

  • a Consul GUI for a human operator or downstream monitoring systems and Kubernetes liveness probes that enable automatic healing of failed containers, and

  • a set of liveness probes which feed into the Kubernetes manager

Within ONAP, Consul is the monitoring system of choice and deployed by OOM in two parts:

  • a three-way, centralized Consul server cluster is deployed as a highly available monitor of all of the ONAP components, and a number of Consul agents.

The Consul server provides a user interface that allows a user to graphically view the current health status of all of the ONAP components for which agents have been created

The Consul GUI can be accessed via http AT

<kubernetes IP>:30270/ui/

ONAP Backup and Restore

To backup and restore ONAP component specific databases you can follow the below link: