ONAP Portal for Users


The ONAP Portal platform integrates different ONAP applications into a central core. The Portal platform provides common management services and connectivity, while the applications run separately.

From the Portal, users access applications. Administrators onboard and manage applications and widgets, and manage user access.

The Portal SDK for application developers includes bundled tools, technologies, and built-in capabilities such as services, APIs, and UI controls. Existing applications can migrate to the Portal with the provided APIs and libraries. ONAP Portal SDK Documentation


Access the ONAP Portal using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome(win/mac) at the provided URL. For example: https://<hostname:port>/ONAPPORTAL/login.html.

Access the ONAP portal via the 8989 LoadBalancer

From the Portal, users access applications directly or by function using the Manage menu.

See also:

  • Applications in the Portal

  • Application Catalog


The Portal displays different menus for the following functions:

  • Users

  • Portal Admins

  • Application Admins

  • Governor

  • Operator

Each application also defines a distinct set of user roles. See Users .

Portal personalization and features

Show and hide the left menu

To hide the left menu, click the menu icon. Click the menu icon again to show the menu.



Access applications in the Portal directly from the Application Catalog or using the Manage menu. All the default applications in the ONAP Portal are integrated, but applications may also be onboarded as hyperlink-only. Integrated applications open in tabs below the header in the Portal; linked applications open in a new browser window. To close an integrated application, click the x in the tab.


A maximum of six applications (tabs) can be open at once in the ONAP Portal.

Manage menu

The Manage menu provides links to applications by function. Choose from a list of functional or management tasks for each area. This example shows the options in the top-level functional Design category:



Hover over a menu item and click the star beside it to add it to Favorites. Click the star again to remove the item from Favorites.

Editing the Menu

Portal Admins edit and manage the menu. See Edit Functional Menu

Support Menu

The Support menu provides Contact Us and Get Access links. Portal admins can add contact details and also edit Support menu. See Edit Functional Menu.


Home is the default view after login.


Personalize the Home Page

Add or remove applications using the Application Catalog. Sort applications or widgets by clicking the drag handle to drag and drop the application or widget to a new location.

image2017-12-5_16-57-24.png Add, manage, and edit what appears in the widgets by clicking the settings icon and selecting Edit.


Application Catalog

Use the Application Catalog to select which application should appear on your Home page. Applications with a check mark already appear on the Home page.

  • To select an application to appear on the Home page, click the check box in the top right corner of the application tile.

  • To remove an application from the Home page, click the check box again.

  • Use the Filter to view specific applications: All applications, Accessible (currently available) applications, or applications On Home Page.

  • Click the drag handle to sort application tiles in the Application Catalog.


Widget Catalog

Widgets are small applications that interact with their host application and each other to provide quick access for certain tasks. Use the Widgets section to view and interact with widgets.

  • Click a widget tile to open the widget.

  • Click the drag handle to sort widget tiles.