Policy Drools PDP Engine

The Drools PDP, aka PDP-D, is the PDP in the Policy Framework that uses the Drools BRMS to enforce policies.

The PDP-D functionality has been partitioned into two functional areas:

  • PDP-D Engine.

  • PDP-D Applications.

PDP-D Engine

The PDP-D Engine is the infrastructure that policy applications use. It provides networking services, resource grouping, and diagnostics.

The PDP-D Engine supports the following Tosca Native Policy Types:

  • onap.policies.native.Drools

  • onap.policies.native.drools.Controller

These types are used to dynamically add and configure new application controllers.

The PDP-D Engine hosts applications by means of controllers. Controllers may support other Tosca Policy Types. The types supported by the Control Loop applications are:

  • onap.policies.controlloop.operational.common.Drools

PDP-D Applications

A PDP-D application, ie. a controller, contains references to the resources that the application needs. These include networked endpoint references, and maven coordinates.

Control Loop applications are used in ONAP to enforce operational policies.

The following guides offer more information in these two functional areas.