Policy Offered APIs

The Policy Framework supports the public APIs listed in the links below:

Postman Environment for API Testing

The following environment file from postman can be used for testing API’s. All you need to do is fill in the IP and Port information for the installation that you have created.


Postman Collection for API Testing

Postman collection for Policy Framework Lifecycle API

Postman collection for Policy Framework Administration API

Postman collection for Policy Framework Decision API

API Swagger Generation

The standard for API definition in the RESTful API world is the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). The OAS, which is based on the original “Swagger Specification,” is being widely used in API developments.

Execute the below curl command for swagger generation by filling in the authorization details, IP and Port information:

“curl -k --user ‘{user_id}:{password}’ https://{ip}:{port}/swagger.json”