ONAP Operations Manager Release Notes

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This document provides the release notes for the Jakarta release.


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Release date

New features

Bug fixes

A list of issues resolved in this release can be found here: https://jira.onap.org/projects/OOM/versions/11498

Known Issues


Software Deliverables

OOM provides Helm charts that needs to be “compiled” into Helm package. see step 6 in quickstart guide.

Documentation Deliverables

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

Known Vulnerabilities


  • OOM-2754 Because of updateEndpoint property added to cmpv2issuer CRD it is impossible to upgrade platform component from Istanbul to Jakarta release without manual steps. Actions that should be performed:

    1. Update the CRD definition:

      > kubectl -n onap apply -f oom/kubernetes/platform/components/cmpv2-cert-provider/crds/cmpv2issuer.yaml
    2. Upgrade the component:

      > helm -n onap upgrade dev-platform oom/kubernetes/platform
    3. Make sure that cmpv2issuer contains correct value for spec.updateEndpoint. The value should be: v1/certificate-update. If it’s not, edit the resource:

      > kubectl -n onap edit cmpv2issuer cmpv2-issuer-onap

Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues


For more information on the ONAP Istanbul release, please see:

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