Release Notes

Initial Release for Frankfurt

Version: 3.2.40

Release Date:2020-05-20

New Features

  • MUSIC now runs on a springboot server, instead of a standalone tomcat server
  • HTTPS support for clients through AAF certificates
  • A background lock clean up daemon will periodically check the status of current locks, cleaning up ‘stale’ references. Clients should see a performance boost if they were previously dealing with many stale locks.
  • Improved error messaging to the user, allowing clients to better debug their applications
  • Continued adherence to ONAP S3P requirements
Bug Fixes
  • MUSIC-573 Pods still run as root
  • MUSIC-557 Test coverage goals met, and migrated to new sonar location
  • MUSIC-530 Security Vulnerability in pom.xml fix

Known Issues N/A

Security Notes

MUSIC code has been formally scanned during build time using NexusIQ and all Critical vulnerabilities have been addressed, items that remain open have been assessed for risk and determined to be false positive. The MUSIC open Critical security vulnerabilities and their risk assessment have been documented as part of the project.

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