MultiCloud Release Notes


This document provides the release notes for the istanbul release.


Version: 9.0.1

The istanbul maintenance release addresses some vulnerabilities mainly for the log4j dependencies.

  • Updated the direct dependency log4j libraries to 2.14.1

  • Please note log4j is still on older versions in a transitive dependencies for * onap/multicloud-framework-artifactbroker:1.7.2

Version: 9.0.0

This release introduces new features in k8splugin, including many bug-fixes bringing better compatibility with Helm 3.5 specification.

Release Data



Docker images

onap/multicloud-framework:1.7.1 onap/multicloud-framework-artifactbroker:1.7.1 onap/multicloud-openstack-starlingx:1.5.6 onap/multicloud-openstack-windriver:1.5.6 onap/multicloud-openstack-fcaps:1.5.6 onap/multicloud-openstack-pike:1.5.6 onap/multicloud-k8s:0.9.3

Release designation


New features

New features in k8s Plugin related with CNF support implemented by REQ-627:

  • Implement Query API on the main level to let reading the k8s resources for specified cluster and namespace but not related with particular Instance

  • Implement pre- and post-install/delete hooks

  • Modify Instance API POST Response to include hook information

  • Update Ready flag in Status API to indicate the real status of the Instance

  • Update Status API and Instance API GET to return hook information but only when additional query param is specified



Bug fixes

  • MULTICLOUD-1269 MultiCloud k8s: K8s Plugins keeps failed RB Instance

  • MULTICLOUD-1332 MultiCloud k8s: k8s resource from configuration are not being deleted with instance

  • MULTICLOUD-1334 MultiCloud framework: Update or Remove Java 8

  • MULTICLOUD-1338 MultiCloud k8s: Foreground delete policy prevents deletion of the pods

  • MULTICLOUD-1377 MultiCloud k8s: Wrong parameter used for creation of rb-definition-version

  • MULTICLOUD-1397 MultiCloud k8s: CRD installation problem

  • MULTICLOUD-1398 MultiCloud k8s: K8s Resource Delete order the same like for installation

  • MULTICLOUD-1409 MultiCloud k8s: Query API for Instance returns resources that do not belong to Instance

  • MULTICLOUD-1414 MultiCloud k8s: Config API takes values only from Config create request

Known Issues

  • MULTICLOUD-359 MultiCloud OpenStack: image creating API cannot handle large image file

  • MULTICLOUD-421 MultiCloud OpenStack: API request to multicloud with authorization header will be rejected

  • MULTICLOUD-601 MultiCloud k8s: move to sigs yaml from ghodss

  • MULTICLOUD-1312 MultiCloud k8s: Query API returns 500 instead of 404

  • MULTICLOUD-1329 MultiCloud k8s: Redundant data in MongoDB created

  • MULTICLOUD-1330 MultiCloud k8s: Consul operation interface problems

  • MULTICLOUD-1331 MultiCloud k8s: Instance status update failure


Software Deliverables

Documentation Deliverables

Known Limitations, Issues and Workarounds

System Limitations


Known Vulnerabilities

MULTICLOUD code has been formally scanned during build time using NexusIQ and all Critical vulnerabilities have been addressed, items that remain open have been assessed for risk and determined to be false positive.

The MULTICLOUD open Critical security vulnerabilities and their risk assessment have been documented as part of the project.



Security Notes

Fixed Security Issues

CVE issue pertained to multicloud-openstack components reported by has been fixed by upgrading dependencies

CVE issue pertained to multicloud-framework components reported by has been fixed by upgrading dependencies

Known Security Issues

Fixing of CVE issue pertained to multicloud-framework-artifactbroker components reported by is an ongoing effort

Fixing of CVE issue pertained to multicloud-openstack-vmware components reported by will not be fixed due to lack of commitment from community

Test Results



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