Integration Labs


The Integration team deals with several community labs:

  • The Windriver/Intel lab

  • The Azure staging lab

  • The Orange openlab

  • The DT lab

  • The Nokia dualstack lab

Additionally integration contributors may deal with their own lab pushing results in the integration portal (See DT

Windriver/Intel lab

The Historical Community Lab

This lab is the historical lab of ONAP integration team based on OpenStack Ocata.

The figure hereafter shows all the ONAP projects consuming Windriver/Intel lab resources (April 2020).


This lab is mainly used by the projects for the development. A staging lab named SB-00 is also available.

If you want to use this lab, you need a VPN access. The procedure is described in the wiki.

Environment Installation Scripts

In addition to the official OOM scripts, Integration used to provide some extra scripts/guidelines to install your OpenStack infrastructure thanks to a heat template. See Integration heat guideline for details. These scripts were used mainly in Windriver labs but are not actively maintained.

Azure staging lab

An additional Azure staging lab has been created for Guilin. It is installed as any daily/weekly/gating labs (see CI/CD sections). Contact the Integration team to get an access.

Orange Openlab

This lab is for community use. It is always provided with the last stable version, i.e. Honolulu release during Istanbul development time.

See Orange Openlab access procedure for details.

DT lab

The DT lab reported Master daily results in addition of Istanbul daily results. Results are shared with the community in

Nokia lab

Nokia setup a lab to support the dual stack IPv4/IPv6 tests. Results are shared with the community in