Logging & Diagnostic Information

In the Jakarta release, the logs are kept inside the docker containers, which means that you can get the log information only when the docker is still running.

Where to Access Information

There are two ways for a user to get the logs.

  • Assume that the name of a running docker is holmes-rule-mgmt, the way to get the log is to run the command docker logs ${docker-name} in the command window:

    sudo docker logs holmes-rule-mgmt

    Then the logs will be displayed in the command window.

  • Get into the docker containers by running sudo docker exec -it ${docker-name} sh. Go to the path /var/log/ONAP/holmes/ and find the logs there.

Error / Warning Messages

  • Failed to initialize the SSL builder.: Could not create the SSL information for HTTPS calls.

  • Failed to fetch the DCAE configurations.: Could not get the configurations coded in the component specification files.

  • Failed to add rules.: Failed to deploy the rules distributed by CLAMP into Holmes.

  • Failed to publish the control loop message to DMaaP.: Errors occur while publishing messages to DMaaP.

  • Failed to read the API description file.: Could not find the swagger.json file.

  • An error occurrred while reading swagger.json.: An I/O Exception occurs while reading the swagger.json file.