Most configuration properties for both Data Router Provisioning server and Data Router Node server should remain as default values.

An exception to this is when a user wants to run over HTTP (non TLS).

For DR Provisioning server config, edit the following props in the file.

org.onap.dmaap.datarouter.provserver.tlsenabled  = false

and ensure aaf cadi is disabled also

org.onap.dmaap.datarouter.provserver.cadi.enabled = false

For DR Node server config, edit the following props in the file to target http.

#    URL to retrieve dynamic configuration
ProvisioningURL = http://dmaap-dr-prov:8080/internal/prov
#    URL to upload PUB/DEL/EXP logs
LogUploadURL = http://dmaap-dr-prov:8080/internal/logs
#    AAF CADI enabled flag
CadiEnabled = false
#    Enable to run over http or https (default true|https)
TlsEnabled = false