Consumed APIs

Policy Management Service application is interacting with two ONAP APIs and the A1-P API.


The A1 Policy Management Service API can also be accessed using ONAP DMaaP. To support this the DMaaP Message Router API is used.

O-RAN A1 Interface for A1 Policies (A1-P)

Southbound, the ONAP A1 Policy functions communicate with near-RT-RIC RAN functions using the A1 interface, as defined by the O-RAN Alliance The A1 Interface - Application Protocol Specification (A1-AP) describe this interface. The specification can be viewed from the O-RAN Alliance website.

The Jakarta ONAP A1 Policy functions implement the A1 Policy parts (A1-P) of A1-AP versions v1.1, v2.0 and v3.0

An opensource implementation of a near-RT-RIC is available from the O-RAN Software Community. It supports a pre-spec version of the A1-AP. The ONAP A1 Policy functions described here also supports this A1 version (A1-OSC).

An opensource implementation of an A1 Simulator is also available from the O-RAN Software Community. It supports all versions of A1-AP.