ccsdk dashboard - Common Controller dashboard

This is the web UI for the Common Controller, also known as the CCSDK Dashboard.


Dashboard Project consists of the following Maven projects:

  • oom-app-common: Java classes that run in a web container like Tomcat
  • oom-app-overlay: CSS, HTML and Javascript resources for the web application
  • oom-app-os: Web application project with features for ONAP use


The web application requires these resources:

  • Java version 8
  • Apache Tomcat version 8.0 or 8.5
  • A Postgresql database, version 9.2 or later


Build all artifacts by invoking maven in this directory:

mvn package

Deployment steps

  1. Create a Postgre schema within a Postgres database.
  2. Populate the schema using the DDL and DML scripts in the appropriate db-scripts areas; see the there for instructions to set the user’s default schema.
  3. Configure the application by editing the files, and
  4. Build a war file within the appropriate web application project (‘mvn package’).
  5. Deploy the war file to Tomcat.
  6. Login the first time using credentials stored in the fn_user table at the “login_external.htm” page.