Running CDS UI Locally


Node version: >= 8.9 NPM version: >=6.4.1

Check-out code

git clone ""

Install Node Modules (UI)

From cds-ui/client directory, execute npm install to fetch project dependent Node modules

Install Node Modules (Server)

From cds-ui/server directory, execute npm install to fetch project dependent Node modules

Run UI in Development Mode

From cds-ui/client directory, execute npm start to run the Angular Live Development Server

nirvanr01-mac:client nirvanr$ npm start
> cds-ui@0.0.0 start /Users/nirvanr/dev/git/onap/ccsdk/cds/cds-ui/client
> ng serve

** Angular Live Development Server is listening on localhost:4200, open your browser on http://localhost:4200/ **

Run UI Server

From cds-ui/client directory, execute mvn clean compile then npm run build to copy all front-end artifacts to server/public directory

nirvanr01-mac:client nirvanr$ npm run build
> cds-ui@0.0.0 build /Users/nirvanr/dev/git/onap/ccsdk/cds/cds-ui/client
> ng build

From cds-ui/server directory, execute npm run start to build and start the front-end server

nirvanr01-mac:server nirvanr$ npm run start
> cds-ui-server@1.0.0 prestart /Users/nirvanr/dev/git/onap/ccsdk/cds/cds-ui/server
> npm run build
> cds-ui-server@1.0.0 build /Users/nirvanr/dev/git/onap/ccsdk/cds/cds-ui/server
> lb-tsc es2017 --outDir dist
> cds-ui-server@1.0.0 start /Users/nirvanr/dev/git/onap/ccsdk/cds/cds-ui/server
> node .

Server is running at

Build UI Docker Image

From cds-ui/server directory, execute docker build -t cds-ui . to build a local CDS-UI Docker image

nirvanr01-mac:server nirvanr$ docker build -t cds-ui .
Sending build context to Docker daemon 96.73MB
Step 1/11 : FROM node:10-slim
---> 914bfdbef6aa
Step 2/11 : USER node
---> Using cache
---> 04d66cc13b46
Step 3/11 : RUN mkdir -p /home/node/app
---> Using cache
---> c9a44902da43
Step 4/11 : WORKDIR /home/node/app
---> Using cache
---> effb2329a39e
Step 5/11 : COPY --chown=node package*.json ./
---> Using cache
---> 4ad01897490e
Step 6/11 : RUN npm install
---> Using cache
---> 3ee8149b17e2
Step 7/11 : COPY --chown=node . .
---> e1c72f6caa15
Step 8/11 : RUN npm run build
---> Running in 5ec69a1961d0
> cds-ui-server@1.0.0 build /home/node/app
> lb-tsc es2017 --outDir dist
Removing intermediate container 5ec69a1961d0
---> ec9fb899e52c
Step 9/11 : ENV HOST= PORT=3000
---> Running in 19963303a09c
Removing intermediate container 19963303a09c
---> 6b3b45709e27
Step 10/11 : EXPOSE ${PORT}
---> Running in 78b9833c5050
Removing intermediate container 78b9833c5050
---> 3835c14ad17b
Step 11/11 : CMD [ "node", "." ]
---> Running in 79a98e6242dd
Removing intermediate container 79a98e6242dd
---> c41f6e6ba4de
Successfully built c41f6e6ba4de
Successfully tagged cds-ui:latest

Run UI Docker Image

Create docker-compose.yaml as below.


  • Replace <ip> with host/port where blueprint processor mS is running.

version: '3.3'
         image: cds-ui:latest
         container_name: cds-ui
         - "3000:3000"
         restart: always
         - HOST=
         - API_BLUEPRINT_PROCESSOR_HTTP_BASE_URL=http://<ip>:8080/api/v1

Execute docker-compose up cds-ui

nirvanr01-mac:cds nirvanr$ docker-compose up cds-ui
Creating cds-ui ... done
Attaching to cds-ui
cds-ui         | Server is running at
cds-ui         | Try


CDS Designer UI