Sparky - BYOQ

BYOQ Overview

BYOQ provides a way for users to build their own traversal queries in A&AI

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BYOQ Features

With BYOQ UI, users can:
  • Create queries to extract information using typeahead help functionality

  • The user can view help menus on the DSL syntax

  • The user can view the information in a paginated format (50 results per page)

  • The user can filter down the results in the tabular view on the column headers (exact string matching only)

  • The user can download their results to xslx (500 results at a time)

  • The user can opt to download a range of pages to download to xslx

  • The user can view results in card-based format

  • The user can view results in a tabular-based format

  • The user can view results in a visual format

  • The user can pinch/zoom in the visual format and double click on the elements to get additional info in a modal

  • The user can choose a defaulted format (saved in local storage)

  • The user can view & traverse relationships on an element

  • The user can build a query giving the element and all related elements (1 hop) by clicking >>BYOQ

How to use BYOQ

  1. On the BYOQ page click in the dsl query input box and start creating a query

Typeahead will help with creating connections or filters as the query is being typed out (it can be configured off)

In this case I started from a generic-vnf with a specific filter and selected a few elements directly connected to it and ran the query

The results can be seen below in card format

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  1. We have the option to view the output in tabular format

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  1. As well as visual graph format

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  1. You can pinch/zoom & drag/drop in the visual view and double clicking an item brings up its details in a modal

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  1. The user can access the syntax help documentation from the accordions

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