AAI Recents API

Recents API Overview

The Recents API will allow a client to get the list of objects that has been created or updated recently, up to a maximum of 1 week back. This API is accessed through the AAI Rest Interface, utilizing the same certificates and headers.


The API can be accessed by using sending a GET request to the Recents API and sending a single node-type and a parameter to specify either timestamp to start the search or the number of hours to look back.

Querying with number of hours

GET /aai/recents/v$/{node-type}?hours={hours}

Querying with an epoch timestamp

GET /aai/recents/v$/{node-type}?date-time={timestamp}

GET /aai/recents/v$/pnf?date-time=1531413113815


The Recents API sends a response in a new format, which includes the object type, URI, and resource-version.

Sample response:

  "results": [
      "resource-type": "pnf",
      "resource-link": "/aai/v16/network/pnfs/pnf/lab20105v"
      "resource-version": "1531413113815"
      "resource-type": "pnf",
      "resource-link": "/aai/v16/network/pnfs/pnf/stack01"
      "resource-version": "1531413113612"