Policy GUI

The POLICY GUI is a graphical user interface, available via web-access, for creating and managing policies.

The targeted users are those responsible for creating and managing policies that control network operations, including policy based network configuration and auto-corrective actions. This typically includes network and service designers, operations engineers and security experts.

The GUI consists of the Editor, Dictionary, PDP, Push, Roles, Admin and Dashboard Tabs; which provide for an intuitive manner for policy rules to be created, changed, and managed.

Access to the POLICY GUI

The POLICY GUI can be accessed via the ONAP Portal.



The POLICY Editor tab supports the following key functionality:

  • Create Policies and Scopes
  • Edit, View and Describe Policies
  • Rename, Move and Clone Policies
  • Switch Versions of Policies
  • Delete Policies and Scopes
  • List Policies and Scopes
  • Export and Import Policies
  • Search for Policies

Scope Management

A Scope must exist before a policy can be created. The figure below shows how to add and manage Scopes.


Policy Creation

The most important function of the GUI is to facilitate the creation of policies. The figure below specifies how a policy can be created.


Managing a Policy

The GUI provides actions (Edit, Clone, Move, Rename, Describe, View etc) to support maintaining the policy after it has been created. The figure below specifies how to initiate an action.


The next step of the selected action is shown below.


POLICY Dictionary

The POLICY Dictionary tab is used to create and manage attributes in the dictionaries.
Each policy type has one or more dictionaries associated with it. Policy writers have the ability to easily define and add attributes into the dictionary as shown below.


The POLICY PDP tab is used to manage PDP Groups and PDPs in the group.
This tab provides the capability to create, edit and delete PDP groups and associated PDPs. This tab also provides the ability to check status and view policies in a PDP groups.


The POLICY Push tab allows policies to be selectively pushed to the all PDPs.
Once pushed, the policies can be seen on the PDP tab. A Status of the PDPs indicate “UP-TO-DATE” if the policy has been pushed correctly. A Status of “LAST-UPDATE-FAILED” indicates an error occurred in pushing the policies.

POLICY Dashboard

The POLICY Dashboard shows the status and health of the system through metrics logs and status update messages. The dashboard consists of two tabs, a Logging tab and a Health tab.


The POLICY Admin tab houses functionality that is performed by an administrator.
Only super users have access to the Admin Tab. The Lockdown feature is accessed from this tab.


The POLICY Roles tab allows system administrators to assign roles for system access.
The GUI options vary depending on the role.

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