The PM Subscription Handler (PMSH) is a micro service written in Python, which allows for the definition and unlocking of PM subscriptions on one or more network function (NF) instances.


The PMSH allows for the definition of subscriptions on a network level, which enables the configuration of PM data on a set of NF instances.


Config Binding Service

The PMSH interacts with the Config Binding Service to retrieve it’s configuration information, including the subscription information.


The PMSH subscribes and publishes to various DMaaP Message Router topics (See Topics for more information on which topics are used).


The PMSH interacts with A&AI to fetch data about network functions. The nfFilter is then applied to this data to produce a targeted subset of NF’s.

Policy and CDS

The PMSH will indirectly interact with Policy and CDS in order to push subscriptions to NF’s. A policy will be used to make a request to CDS, which will apply the subscription to the NF.