Index File

The index file must relatively reference your other rst files in that directory.

Here is an example index.rst :

Documentation Title

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2


Source Files

Document source files have to be written in reStructuredText format (rst). Each file would be built as an html page.

Here is an example source rst file :

Chapter Title

Section Title

Subsection Title


Writing RST Markdown

See .

Hint: You can add html content that only appears in html output by using the ‘only’ directive with build type (‘html’ and ‘singlehtml’) for an ONAP document. But, this is not encouraged.

.. only:: html
    This line will be shown only in html version.

Creating Indices

Building an index for your Sphinx project is relatively simple. First, tell Sphinx that you want it to build an index by adding something like this after your TOC tree:

Indices and Search

* :ref:`genindex`
* :ref:`search`

Hint: Note that search was included here. It works out of the box with any Sphinx project, so you don’t need to do anything except include a reference to it in your index.rst file.

Now, to generate a index entry in your RST, do one of the following:

Some content that requires an :index:`index`.


.. index::
    single: myterm

Some header containing myterm

In the second case, Sphinx will create a link in the index to the paragraph that follows the index entry declaration.

When your project is built, Sphinx will generate an index page populated with the entries you created in the source RST.

These are simple cases with simple options. For more information about indexing with Sphinx, please see the official Sphinx documentation.

Jenkins Jobs

Verify Job

The verify job name is doc-{stream}-verify-rtd

Proposed changes in files in any repository with top level docs folder in the repository and RST files in below this folder will be verified by this job as part of a gerrit code review.


The contributing author and every reviewer on a gerrit code review should always review the Jenkins log before approving and merging a change. The log review should include:

  • Using a browser or other editor to search for a pattern in the console log that matches files in the patch set. This will quickly identify errors and warnings that are related to the patch set and repository being changed.
  • Using a browser to click on the html folder included in the log and preview how the proposed changes will look when published at Read The Docs. Small changes can be easily made in the patch set.

Merge Job

The merge job name is doc-{stream}-merge-rtd.

When a committer merges a patch that includes files matching the path described above, the doc project merge job will trigger an update at readthedocs. There may be some delay after the merge job completes until new version appears at Read The Docs.

Read The Docs URLs

When referencing versions of documentation a Read The Docs the following URL conventions should be used

URL To Refer to Most recent approved named release Latest master branch all projects release An approved name release eg. amsterdam