ONAP components and functionalities

Here you will find the detailed documentation of projects, ONAP components and functionalities

Project - ONAP Integration

Document Description
Integration ONAP Integration Project Documentation

Project - ONAP Modeling

Document Description
Model ONAP Model Specification
ETSI Catalog ONAP ETSI Runtime Catalog Documentation

AAF - Application Authorization Framework

Document Description
(in Maintenance) AAF (Frankfurt) AAF Architecture, APIs and Guides

AAI - Active and Available Inventory

Document Description
AAI AAI Architecture, APIs and Guides
(in Maintenance) ESR GUI (Latest) External System Registry GUI Documentation
(in Maintenance) ESR Server (Latest) External System Registry Server Documentation
(in Maintenance) AAI UI Sparky - AAI Inventory UI Documentation

APPC - Application Controller

Document Description
(in Maintenance) APPC (Frankfurt) APPC Architecture, APIs and Guides
(in Maintenance) APPC Deployment (Frankfurt) APPC Deployment Documentation

CCSDK - Common Controller Software Development Kit

Document Description
Distribution TOSCA Orchestration Plugin, Directed Graph Support

CDS - Controller Design Studio

Document Description
CDS Controller Design Studio Architecture and Guides (part of CCSDK)

CLAMP - Control Loop Automation Management Platform

Document Description
CLAMP CLAMP Architecture and Guides

CLI - Command Line Interface

Document Description
CLI CLI Documentation

DCAE - Data Collection, Analysis and Events

Document Description
DCAE DCAE Architecture and Guides

DMAAP - Data Management as a Platform

Document Description
Bus Controller Bus Controller Documentation
Bus Controller API Bus Controller API Documentation
Data Router Data Router Documentation
Message Router Message Router Documentation

EXTAPI - External API Framework/NBI

Document Description
EXTAPI External API Framework Documentation

HOLMES - Holmes Alarm Correlation and Analysis

Document Description
HOLMES HOLMES Architecture and APIs
Engine Management HOLMES Engine Management Documentation

LOGGING - Centralized Logging

Document Description
(in Maintenance) LOGGING (Latest) ONAP Centralized Logging Documentation

MSB - Microservices Bus

Document Description
MSB Microservices Bus Documentation

MULTICLOUD - MultiCloud Framework

Document Description
MULTICLOUD MultiCloud Framework Architecture and Guides

MUSIC - ONAP Multi-Site Integration

Document Description
(in Maintenance) MUSIC (Frankfurt) MUSIC Architecture and Guides
(in Maintenance) MUSIC KV (Latest) MUSIC Distribute KV Store Documents

OOF - Optimization Framework

Document Description
Homing and Allocation ONAP policy-driven placement optimizing service documentation
Optimization Service Design Framework Optimization Service Design Framework documentation
Change Management Schedule Optimization Change Management Schedule Optimization documentation

OOM - ONAP Operations Manager

Document Description
OOM ONAP Operations Manager Documentation
OOM Certification Service ONAP CMPv2 certification support

ORAN - Open-RAN Support in ONAP

Document Description
ORAN O-RAN Support in ONAP (part of CCSDK)

POLICY - Policy Framework

Document Description
Policy Policy Framework Documentation

PORTAL - Portal Platform

Document Description
Portal ONAP Portal Platform Documentation

SDC - Service Design & Creation

Document Description
SDC Service Design & Creation Documentation

SDNC - Software Defined Network Controller

Document Description
SDNC SDNC Architecture, APIs and Guides

SDNR - Software Defined Network Controller for Radio

Document Description
SDN-R SDN-R Documentation (part of CCSDK)

SO - Service Orchestration

Document Description
SO Service Orchestration Architecture, APIs and Guides
SO Libraries ONAP SO/libs Documentation

UUI - Use Case User Interface

Document Description
UUI Usecase-UI Architecture, APIs and Guides

VFC - Virtual Function Controller

Document Description
VF-C Virtual Function Controller Architecture, APIs and Guides

VID - Virtual Infrastructure Deployment

Document Description
VID Virtual Infrastructure Deployment Architecture, APIs and Guides

VNFSDK - VNF Software Development Kit

Document Description
VnfSDK VNF SDK Documentation and User Guides

VVP - VNF Validation Platform

Document Description
VVP VNF Validation Platform Documentation