Service Instantiation


Possible Tools to perform Service Instantiation

  • via a Graphical User Interface tool using ONAP applications such as ONAP VID and ONAP UUI tools

  • via any tool able to perform REST API requests (for example : Robot Framework, Postman, Curl…) connected to ONAP SO legacy API or ONAP extAPI/NBI standard TMF641 API to add/delete Service.

Possible methods with ONAP to instantiate a Service

  • A La Carte method requires the user to build and send operations for each object to instantiate : Service, VNFs, VFModules and Networks (in other words : once you have instantiated the Service object, you still have to instantiate the various VNFs or Networks that compose your Service). To build those requests, the user needs to define/collect by himself all necessary parameters/values.

  • Macro method allows the user to build and send only one request to instantiate all objects : Service, VNFs, VFModules and Networks. Thanks to templates (see CDS Blueprint in Design section), ONAP will collect and assign all required parameters/values by itself.


VID supports the “macro” flow orchestration in a ModernUI, which can be enabled by the system operator.

Macro method is not (yet) available via extAPI/NBI.

With “A La Carte” method

With “Macro” method