8.4. TOSCA model

8.4.1. Table D1. ONAP Resource DM TOSCA/YAML constructs

Standard TOSCA/YAML definitions agreed by VNF SDK Modeling team to be used by VNF vendors to create a standard VNF descriptor.

All definitions are summarized in the table below based on the agreed ONAP Resource DM TOSCA/YAML constructs for Beijing. Their syntax is specified in ETSI GS NFV-SOL001 stable draft for VNF-D.

Requirement Number Resource IM Info Elements TOSCA Constructs as per SOL001



For VDU.Compute - tosca.artifacts.nfv.SwImage

For Virtual Storage - tosca.artifacts.Deployment.Image

R-03070 vnfExtCpd’s with virtual NetworkInterfaceRequirements (vNIC) tosca.nodes.nfv.VnfExtCp with a property tosca.datatypes.nfv.VirtualNetworkInterfaceRequirements
R-09467 VDU.Compute descriptor tosca.nodes.nfv.Vdu.Compute
R-16065 VDU.Compute. Configurable Properties tosca.datatypes.nfv.Vnfc ConfigurableProperties
R-30654 VNFD.lifeCycleManagement Script - IFA011 LifeCycleManagementScript Interface construct tosca.interfaces.nfv.vnf.lifecycle.Nfv with a list of standard LCM operations
R-35851 CPD: VduCp, VnfExtCp, VnfVirtualLinkDesc, QoS Monitoring info element - TBD tosca.nodes.nfv.VduCp, tosca.nodes.nfv.VnfVirtualLink, tosca.nodes.nfv.VnfExtCp
R-41215 VNFD/VDU Profile and scaling aspect tosca.datatypes.nfv.VduProfile and tosca.datatypes.nfv.ScalingAspect
R-66070 VNFD meta data tosca.datatypes.nfv. VnfInfoModifiableAttributes - metadata?
R-96634 VNFD.configurableProperties describing scaling characteristics. VNFD.autoscale defines the rules for scaling based on specific VNF indications tosca.datatypes.nfv.VnfConfigurableProperties, tosca.datatypes.nfv.ScaleInfo
? VDU Virtual Storage tosca.nodes.nfv.Vdu.VirtualStorage



Monitoring Info Element (TBD) - SOL001 per VNF/VDU/VLink memory-consumption, CPU-utilization, bandwidth-consumption, VNFC downtime, etc.

tosca.capabilities.nfv.Metric - type for monitoring

monitoring_parameter of above type per VNF/VDU/VLink

8.4.2. Table D2. TOSCA CSAR structure

This section defines the requirements around the CSAR structure.

The table below describes the numbered requirements for CSAR structure as agreed with SDC. The format of the CSAR is specified in SOL004.

Requirement Number Description CSAR artifact directory
R-26881 The VNF provider MUST provide the binaries and images needed to instantiate the VNF (VNF and VNFC images). ROOT\Artifacts\VNF_Image.bin
R-30654 VNFD.lifeCycleManagementScript that includes a list of events and corresponding management scripts performed for the VNF - SOL001 ROOT\Artifacts\Informational\Install.csh
R-35851 All VNF topology related definitions in yaml files VNFD/Main Service template at the ROOT



R-40827 CSAR License directory - SOL004 ROOT\Licenses\License_term.txt
R-77707 CSAR Manifest file - SOL004 ROOT\MainServiceTemplate.mf