BPMN Project Structure

BPMN main process flow

A BPMN main process flow is a top-level flow. All main process flows are under the src/main/resources/process folder.

CreateVfModuleVolumeInfraV1 is a main process flow.


Open BPMN files with the camunda modeler (standalone application). To launch the modeler from eclipse, right-click→open-with→Other→Browse. Select Check the boxes on the dialog so that eclipse will open all .bpmn files with the camunda-modeler executable.

BPMN subprocess flow

A BPMN subprocess flow is meant to be invoked by other flows (either main process flows or other subprocess flows). All subprocess flows are under the src/main/resources/subprocess folder.

The CreateVfModuleVolumeInfraV1 process flow is delivered with two custom subflows: DoCreateVfModuleVolumeV2 and DoCreateVfModuleVolumeRollback.


Groovy scripts

There is one groovy script for each BPMN file. Groovy scripts are invoked by script tasks within the BPMN flows.


Unit Tests

Normally, we create a unit test class for every flow. This one is missing a unit test for its rollback flow.


Unit Test Resource Files

Any files needed by the unit tests are kept under the src/test/resources/__files folder.