SDC As Part of ONAP


High Level Architecture

The following diagram shows the high-level relationship between the system components:


The SDC architecture uses the Jetty server as an application server.

  • The Jetty front end:
    • supplies the static content of the web pages and all the resources that are required by the GUI
    • serves as a proxy for the REST API requests coming from the GUI

    Every request originating from the GUI is passed to the Jetty front-end server before it is executed.

  • The Jetty back end contains all the logic for the SDC.

SDC uses two storage components: Elastic Search(ES) and Cassandra

  • Elastic Search is used to index the auditing data received from different operations in the SDC.

    This information can then be analyzed with Kibana. The Kibana server enables statistical analysis of the operations done, according to the business logic.

  • Cassandra is used to store audit data, artifacts and data model objects.